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Iredell Memorial’s The Birth Place Offers Parents A Personal Touch

Welcoming a baby into your life is exciting and often overwhelming. That's why The Birth Place at Iredell Memorial Hospital is there for you to answer your questions and provide the education you need to prepare for your new addition. When the time comes to have your baby, you can expect one-on-one care that you and your baby deserve.

The Birth Place staff at Iredell Memorial works to create a comfortable atmosphere from your first visit until you leave the hospital with your newborn. Parents are invited to tour The Birth Place and see the home-like surroundings. In most cases, you will remain in the same room for your entire stay, including during labor. Medical equipment is carefully hidden from view until the physician or nurses need it.

The Birth Place also offers a parent education program including birthing, breastfeeding and infant CPR classes. Not only are the classes important to keep your baby safe and healthy, Birth Place Program Nurse Pam Speight said they are designed to help parents to feel more at ease.

"We offer a variety of classes with hands-on experience," said Speight. "For example, parents can practice using baby dolls in our newborn care class. I think a lot of people in this generation do the online, YouTube thing, but a YouTube video can’t answer your questions or give you the personalized attention that we can."

Once you are admitted to the hospital, mother-baby nursing is an important part of the experience offered at The Birth Place. Mother-baby nursing means that one nurse will be taking care of you and your baby together. Therefore, when your baby is in your room you have the reassurance that someone will always be available to assist you in caring for the infant.

"The nursing care is great because it's one-on-one in labor," said Speight. "You have that one nurse who can take care of you, make things more comfortable for you. Afterwards we take care of our moms and babies together. One benefit of mother-baby nursing is that you don't have to ask a different nurse about a question for the pediatrician. You can rely on one person to make sure your needs are met."

Once you choose Iredell Memorial to have your baby, you will be enrolled in the Pampered Pregnancy program. You'll have the services of a personal pregnancy coach who will help you find answers to your questions, locate resources and enroll you in optional educational classes. Special discounts on products and services are also available to members.

To learn more about available classes and having your baby at The Birth Place at Iredell Memorial, please call 704.878.4555, visit or

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