Privacy (HIPAA)

Your Right to Privacy (HIPAA)

Iredell Memorial Hospital's Health Care System (IMHHCS) uses health information about you for a variety of important purposes, including providing you with treatment, obtaining payment for treatment, or for administrative purposes such as the evaluation of the quality of care that you receive. Your health information is generally contained in medical, billing, or other records that are the physical property of IMHHCS.

IMHHCS is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your health information. In keeping with this commitment, this Notice describes the privacy practices of our hospital and the health care professionals and other persons authorized to enter protected health information (PHI) into your medical record, including (i) all departments of the System (including the Women's Breast Health Center, Hospital Based Skilled Nursing Facility and Iredell Home Health), that make up IMHHCS; (ii) all IMHHCS employees, staff, unpaid volunteers, and other non-physician personnel; and (iii) all physicians on the IMHHCS medical staff.

These facilities and persons, whom we include as part of IMHHCS for purposes of this Notice, will use and share your PHI with each other in order to, among other things, carry out joint treatment, payment and healthcare operations described in more detail below. These facilities and persons have also agreed to abide by this Notice in order to protect the privacy of your PHI when conducting these joint healthcare activities.

Our complete HIPAA policy is available as a PDF file in English and Spanish.