Before Your Stay

Patient Satisfaction

Providing you with excellent care is our goal in every aspect of service, including cleaning your room, bringing your meals, and meeting your medical needs. We need your feedback to help us learn what we can do to better meet the needs of patients and their families.

Patient Representative
Iredell Memorial has a full-time patient representative who will visit you while you are staying with us. Occasionally a problem may arise that is not being resolved to your satisfaction. If this occurs, ask a nurse to contact the nurse director of your floor or the administrative nursing supervisor. These people will assist you in the resolution of your questions or problems.

If you received outpatient services, you may be given a written survey as you leave. If you were an inpatient or an emergency patient, you may receive a call or mailed survey from National Research Consultants (NRC) within a couple of weeks after your discharge. This is the company that conducts our patient satisfaction surveys. Patients are selected at random. Please do not hesitate to answer all questions honestly, whether you were happy or unhappy with the care you received. We value our patients' comments.

You are under no obligation to participate in any surveys, but please keep in mind that your privacy is protected at all times, including in the summaries we receive. Your comments will, in no way, impact the care you receive. We will use your answers for the sole purpose of helping us improve our care.