During Your Stay

General Information

We realize you will have a lot of questions about your stay at Iredell Memorial Hospital. You will find some generation information below.

ATM Machine
An ATM is located in the lobby on the lower level, near the emergency room entrance.

Cell Phones
We do not restrict the use of cell phones by patients or visitors, but we do ask that they be turned off whenever a caregiver is in the room.

Cheer Cards
While you're a patient at Iredell Memorial Hospital, your family and friends can e-mail get well wishes to you. A link to our Cheer Cards section is on the home page. There is a simple form to fill out and card designs from which to choose. We will print the card and place it in a sealed envelope for your privacy. A hospital volunteer will deliver it to you, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Cheer cards are not delivered on weekends or holidays.

Consent Forms
Permits for treatment and/or surgery must be signed by the patient or by the next of kin. Permits for minors must be signed by parents or guardians.

Lost Items
If you discover any of your personal property missing, notify a nurse immediately.

Mail & Flowers
All mail and flowers addressed to you will be delivered to your room by hospital volunteers. Mail received after you have been discharged will be forwarded to your home address. Our Volunteers also have a flower vending machine in the Gift Shop. Proceeds from the sale of these flowers are donated to the hospital to support various services.

The local daily newspaper will be delivered to your room each day, except Sunday, courtesy of a local business. Regional and other local newspaper racks are located at both lobby entrances.

Overnight Guests
Overnight privileges are permitted when necessary for the patient's welfare. Cots are available at no charge; just ask your nurse.

All patient rooms are equipped with telephones. Free local calls may be made by dialing "9" and then the10-digit number. All long distance calls must be made collect, by credit card or billed to a third number. They cannot be charged to your room. To make a long distance call within the 704 area code, dial 8-0, then the number. For calls outside the 704 area, dial 8-0-0, then the area code and number. After you have completed dialing, a long distance operator will ask for the charge information.

You can receive calls directly to your room from inside or outside the hospital. Please note the instructions below.

From inside:
Floors 1-4, dial 7 + the 3 digit room number
5th floor, dial 49 + the last 2 digits of the room number.
Maternity patients in rooms M1-M9, dial 734 + single digit room number.

From outside:
Dial 704-878 + the option above that pertains to your room number.

Pay telephones are located in or near lobbies and near the maternity and surgical waiting areas

You may wish to consider bringing only essential items such as sleepwear, bathrobes, slippers and toilet articles. Other items needed for your stay will be supplied by the hospital. Please leave all jewelry and other valuables at home or in the care of family members. When not in use, dentures, eyeglasses, etc., should be placed in protective containers. Large items, such as walkers, canes and wheelchairs, should be labeled with your name. The hospital cannot be responsible for the loss or breakage of personal items kept in your room.

If you find yourself needing admission to the hospital at a time when you have money or other valuable items in your possession, ask for a valuables envelope. We will keep the envelope in our safe during your stay.