Our 8th Annual Tournament

This year we are celebrating our eighth annual Iredell Memorial Community Golf Classic on May 17, 2018. Last year, we used the proceeds from the Golf Classic to further the Iredell Memorial Hospital Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation. We were able to assist 180 of our nurses with educational endeavors, specialty certifications, and nursing leadership development. We are excited once again to support the Nursing Institute with the 2018 Golf Classic proceeds. Please see the attached sponsorship opportunity list for both playing and non-playing sponsorships.

The Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation affirms the role and importance of nursing now and into the future for Iredell Health System. The primary goal of the Institute is nursing education with an emphasis on earning higher degrees such as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Funds are also used for specialty certifications such as CCRN for Critical Care Nurses, continuing educations for Nursing Leadership, and more. Ultimately, these funds will result in continuous improvement of patient safety and quality of care to support our mission.

Iredell Health System is a successful, regional health system, owned by the citizens of Iredell County and it is the only non-profit in the county. As a result, all of our revenue is locally reinvested in medical technology and in our great staff. For over 60 years, we have stayed true to our mission, always focusing on the well-being of our patients. Our nurses are essential to the mission of Iredell Health System. That is why it is fitting to continue to support the


If you sponsored the Golf Classic in the past, thank you. If you were not a sponsor, I hope you will seriously consider becoming a sponsor and an advocate for nursing here for Iredell Health System. See the attached sponsorship opportunity list. We have both playing and non-playing sponsorships.


Ed Rush, CEO
Iredell Health System