Iredell Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation

At Iredell, we’re committed to taking care of the community and that includes our nurses. Because they do so much for each patient and family that comes through our door, we’re dedicated to making sure we’re advancing the education and training for all of our nurses, including those who will be here in the future.

The Iredell Memorial Hospital Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation affirms the role and importance of nursing now and into the future for Iredell Health System. The primary goal of the Institute is nursing education with an emphasis on earning higher degrees such as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Funds are also used for specialty certifications, re-certifications, nurse leadership development and more. We accept donations to make it possible for our nurses to continue their education and get advanced degrees through scholarships, become leaders, and provide the best care to the community. This will result in continuous improvement of patient safety and quality of care to support our mission.

Each year, our Iredell Community Golf Classic raises funds for the Institute.