Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence

Iredell Health System offers 6 Centers of Excellence and nearly 60 unique healthcare services. Our Centers of Excellence are our different areas of emphasis. You can learn more about each of these services below.

Advanced Imaging

With our advanced imaging, Iredell offers leading technology to diagnose patients accurately and quickly. An accurate and swift diagnosis is paramount in receiving timely treatment and can improve patient outcomes. All of our diagnostic procedures are administered by technologists who are registered in either radiologic technology or nuclear medicine. Learn more about diagnostic imaging at Iredell.

Cancer Services

Iredell Memorial's cancer services provide patients with the best in cancer care, close to home. Each of our patients receives a customized treatment and recovery plan. Our cancer services range from radiation and chemotherapy to surgery and transplants. Learn more about Cancer Services.

Cardiovascular Services

Our cardiovascular physicians take a proactive approach to heart disease. We are committed to diagnosing cardiovascular conditions faster, treating those conditions more effectively, and using the very best technology to do it. Our mission is to help patients get back to a full, productive life. Learn more about this service.

Prevention & Wellness

For 60 years, Iredell Memorial Hospital has dedicated itself to both prevention and ongoing patient wellness. In 1954 when our hospital was founded, most hospitals were viewed as purely for the sick, making this commitment very progressive for the time. Learn more about this resource.

Surgical Services

We understand that surgery can be a scary thought. Any surgery is a big deal, which is why our goal is to make patients as comfortable as possible. Our surgeons educate patients on what to expect, suggest the best surgical option for each unique patient, and provide an overall exceptional level of care. Learn more about our Surgical Services.

Women & Children's Services

Iredell's dedicated women and children's services are there for every stage of life. From expectant mothers and newborn children to breast health and bone densitometry, Iredell has you covered. Learn more about our Women & Children's Services.