Advanced Imaging


3D Mammography - Benefits include low dose radiation, excellent image quality, allows a radiologist to take multiple pictures of each breast from various angles, which differentiates it from a traditional mammogram, which takes a single image in two directions. DBT has the potential to revolutionize mammography and breast cancer screening because it removes the clutter to make a mammogram easier to read in women with all breast tissue types.

This can be done in conjunction with a traditional mammogram. There may be an additional charge for this, depending on your insurance. We also have financial assistance if you do not have insurance.

Digital Mammography - Low-dosage x-ray equipment is used to determine the presence of diseased breast tissue. Mammography is recognized by health professionals and the American Cancer Society as a highly effective tool in diagnosing breast cancer.

The Women's Health Center provides self-requested mammograms to women who meet the American Cancer Society's mammography recommendations. Call 704-878-4551 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about The Women's Health Center.

American Cancer Society Mammography Recommendations

Under age 40
• A screening mammogram by age 40
• Monthly breast self-exams
• Exam by physician every 3 years

Ages 40 & beyond
• Mammograms every year
• Monthly breast self-exams
• Yearly physician exams

Women who notice any changes in their breasts should see a physician right away.