Cancer Services

Cancer Treatment Options

The most effective way to treat any kind of cancer varies from patient to patient and diagnosis to diagnosis. Your oncologist will discuss treatment options with you and your family or other support team. Once the best course of treatment has been determined, you will find that Iredell Health System can provide comprehensive and compassionate care right here in Iredell County.

Treatment options include:

  • Surgical Oncology
    This option involves surgical removal of cancerous tumors.
  • Radiation Therapy
    Radiation is used to kill cancerous cells and is typically most effective when malignant cells are localized in a single area of the body.
  • Chemotherapy (infusion services)
    Chemotherapy involves infusing chemicals and anti-cancer drugs into a person’s body to kill cancer cells.

Iredell Health System also supports clinical trials of cancer treatments, click here to learn more.

If you are considering cancer treatment at Iredell Health System, we invite you to contact us today. You can schedule an appointment, meet with our doctors, our tour our facility.