Cardiovascular Services

Cardiovascular Services

Iredell Health System offers our community a wide range of heart and vascular care. Our team of cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and expert nursing staff offers complete comprehensive care.

About Our Chest Pain Certification

Since 2011, Iredell Health System has been a Certified Chest Pain Center. Our chest pain certification shows our commitment to offering the very best care to patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). According to the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care, "participating facilities are left with more efficient, effective organizations in addition to improved patient outcomes."

Heart Care at Iredell

At Iredell, we treat the whole person because heart disease affects your whole life.

Proactive in the fight against cardiovascular disease
Cardiovascular disease is America's number one killer. But in many cases, it can be diagnosed and treated before symptoms occur. Iredell is proactive in the fight against cardiovascular disease by offering health screenings and programs throughout the year.

Our mission is to return patients to a full and productive life
When heart disease strikes, our mission is to restore heart function and return our patients to a full and productive life. When a cardiac crisis arises, we have cardiac interventionalists, who act quickly to treat patients with stents and balloons during the onset of a heart attack. Iredell Health System was the first in the county to provide this life-saving technology.

Effective treatment options
We use the most sophisticated technology available that detects early signs of heart disease, thus preventing heart attacks and strokes. Our cardiac imaging technology is so sophisticated that physicians can actually watch your heart function and detect the plaque that may be clogging arteries before symptoms occur. This allows us to diagnose cardiovascular disease quickly so that we can provide effective treatment options.

Wonder what medications are commonly prescribed for heart patients? Read our PDF.

Stroke - Iredell Memorial Hospital is a Primary Stroke Center

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Quick diagnosis and treatment are critical to surviving a stroke.

Iredell Memorial Hospital is a Primary Stroke Center as certified by The Joint Commission for our long-term success in improving outcomes.

Our designation as a Primary Stroke Center means we have:

  • A trained team that can quickly diagnose and treat stroke patients
  • Established protocols in evaluating stroke patients
  • Technologies to diagnose and treat stroke patients
  • Ongoing education to stay abreast of innovations in stroke treatment
  • A proven record for long-term success in improving outcomes