Prevention & Wellness

Prevention and Wellness

In 1954, Iredell Memorial Hospital opened with a mission to focus on the wellness of the community we serve. That was a very progressive goal at a time when most people viewed hospitals as a place that served only the sick.

Almost sixty years later, we still understand that good health is the foundation of happiness. That's why Iredell is committed to promoting wellness in our community. We actively promote good nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles through screenings, educational programs and support groups.

We even partner with other community and national organizations to provide resources to help people prevent and detect life-threatening diseases early on. These partnerships allow Iredell to feature keynote speakers and offer nationally recognized programs to our community.

Iredell Health System also offers comprehensive occupational medicine and corporate wellness programs to help business and industry reduce expenses and to help their employees stay healthy.

For more information about our wellness programs, call 704-878-4550 or email our wellness team. Visit for information about those services.

Iredell Health System conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment in 2013 to review the health care needs of the citizens living in Iredell County and to identify how the health system could take steps to address any unmet needs. We invite you to read the full report, available as a downloadable PDF.