Centers of Excellence

Central Sterile Processing Technology

Effective and efficient cleaning and sterilization of surgical equipment is what the Gentinge Group brings to Iredell Memorial's Sterile Processing Department. The Gentige Group is a leading global provider of equipment and systems that provide superior solutions for infection control and sterilization within the hospitals operating rooms.

Air Glide System
The automation of multiple washer/disinfectors maximizes throughput with maximum safety and reliability.

Washer/Decontamination System
Decontamination is a multi-step process that plays a major role in the prevention of disease transmission. For all reusable medical devices effective cleaning is the most important step in this process, because devices must be clean before they can be sterilized. Cleaning also presents the greatest microbiological hazard to personnel handling contaminated devices.

The decontamination system is designed to:

  • Protect employees from infection when first handling contaminated devices.
  • Provide appropriate processes for the removal of high populations of microorganisms.
  • Render devices safe-to-handle by inactivating infectious microorganisms with hot water.
  • Sterilize critical devices to kill all microbial life, including spores.

Steam Sterilizer
The GETINGE steam sterilizer represents the ultimate refinement in the floor-loading concept, featuring large capacity chambers, user-friendly display screens and intuitive controls.

  • Stainless steel chambers and doors provide superior corrosion resistance and structural integrity, and are backed by Getinge USA's 15-year chamber warranty
  • GETINGE's sterilizable 4003 Loading Cart saves precious floor space compared with traditional load cars and transfer carriage-style loading equipment
  • Advanced control system makes it easy to establish custom cycle names for quick and accurate identification
  • Easy-to-use, power-operated door facilitates loading and unloading
  • 26.5" wide chamber provides increased loading capacity when processing 24" wide containers
  • As a replacement unit, the 833HC Steam Sterilizer offers increased chamber loading capacity within the same wall openings and footprints of existing floor-loading sterilizers

GETINGE's commitment, quality and performance are reflected in an industry leading, one year, parts and labor guarantee.

Ultrasonic Cleaner
Designed for the removal of fine debris from small, difficult-to-reach areas like serrations and box locks, and loaded with automated features for consistent, cost-effective cleaning.

  • Hands-free tray immersion
  • Adjustable times and temperatures
  • Handles large loads
  • Convenient toe switch
  • Automated features ensure thorough, consistent cleaning
  • Push-button drain operation
  • Rinser/Dryer
  • Instrument Traceability

The GETINGE T-DOC™ (Total Documentation) uses a powerful database to manage washer-disinfection and sterilizer cycles, instrument location, and staff productivity.

Critical care instruments and mobile equipment, can be located in seconds, using keystrokes — not search parties — to improve the productivity, accuracy and accountability of the sterile processing department.

Productivity and accuracy

  • Benchmark team and individual productivity
  • Track the location and quantity of sterile stock throughout your facility
  • Electronically document sterilizer and washer cycle data
  • Optimize inventory, combat hoarding, and streamline purchasing
  • Speed production and facilitate accuracy
  • Provide on-screen reference for proper tray configurations with pictures, video or voice
  • Inform staff when instruments and equipment are scheduled for maintenance
  • Print a serialized identification label for instrument trays and mobile equipment
  • Document all the steps in your quality-assurance process
  • Reduce the risk of sterilization errors and improper tray configuration
  • Notify when specific instruments are not eligible for a selected sterility cycle
  • Fully document all instruments in production from date of purchase through the most recent sterility cycle
  • Facilitate more effective equipment servicing by providing technicians comprehensive washer or sterilizer cycle documentation

Parallel Jet Spray, Manifold System
Getinge's exclusive, parallel, jet spray manifold oscillates in a sweeping motion to reach all surfaces and to strip away soils. Eight parallel pipes on each wall are fitted with eight nozzles each, providing complete and constant coverage from floor to ceiling. This innovative design yields washing results consistently superior to spinning arms, alternating spray systems or halo wreaths.

Advanced Control System
Getinge's user-friendly PACS 3000 controls offer exclusive built-in monitoring and security features that help deliver cleaning and disinfection performance for each and every cycle.

Non-Recirculated, Vented, Drying System

  • Powerful, brushless, fan motor forces fresh air through steam coils to reach peak temperature in seconds.
  • Turbulent, hot air is forced through 20 chamber ports for rapid drying.
  • Optional, power tilt raises the floor on one side to drain excess water and facilitate thorough drying. Heat exchanger uses hot, exhausting air to heat fresh, incoming air.
  • A 2" air gap above the machine exhaust helps reduce the moisture content entering into the building exhaust.
Powerful, brushless, fan motor forces fresh air through steam coils to reach peak temperature in seconds.