Women & Children's Services

Breast Health

Iredell Health System operates a self-requested digital and 3D mammography program at our Women's Health Center, which means patients who meet the American Cancer Society's recommendations do not have to have a prescription for screening. Call 704-878-4551 to make an appointment.

The American Cancer society recommends:

For women under age 40

  • A screening mammogram by age 40
  • Monthly breast self-exams
  • Exam by physician every 3 years

For women ages 40 & beyond

  • Mammograms every year
  • Monthly breast self-exams
  • Yearly physician exams

Women who notice any changes in their breasts should see a physician right away.

Also located at the center is bone density screening.

You will receive two bills for a standard screening mammogram — one from Iredell Health System and another from the radiologist. Please call the Women’s Health Center for current prices.