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Iredell Health System Invests in New Technology for Neurospine Surgery


Iredell Health System has invested in a surgical navigation system, the Medtronic O-arm® Intra-operative Imaging System and the StealthStation® Surgical Navigation System, designed to enable surgeons to plan treatment and operate in the complex and delicate area of the spine.

"Intra-operative imaging and surgical navigation are vital tools for the surgical team striving for optimal patient outcomes," said Peter Miller, MD, Ph.D., board-certified neurosurgeon with Iredell NeuroSpine. "The technology gives surgeons the ability to visualize and track in real-time the position of their surgical instruments and thus avoid critical structures such as the spinal cord and nerves. Imagine having a GPS for spinal surgery-that is what the navigation system provides. We can accurately place screws or spinal implants precisely where they need to be. This makes the surgery safer, faster, and less invasive for the patient. At the completion of the surgery, we can then 'check the work' to be sure the surgery is a success."

For spinal surgery patients, the O-arm® Intra-operative Imaging System generates high-quality, intra-operative images of a patient's anatomy, and provides surgeons with a large field-of-view in both two and three dimensions.

Our spine surgeons are using these integrated technologies for treatment planning and surgery for:

  • Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery including decompression of nerves, discectomy and fusion procedures
  • Correction of spinal deformity and slipped vertebra
  • Complex 360 spinal reconstruction
  • Artificial spinal disc replacement

To learn more or to make an appointment, call 704-954-8277. Dr. Miller has offices in Hickory, Statesville and Mooresville for your convenience. In Hickory, the office is located at 1375 4th Street Drive NW; in Statesville at 774 Hartness Road and in Mooresville at 544 Brawley School Road.

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