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Iredell Physician Network Earns Recognition for Preventive Care

Iredell Physician Network, part of Iredell Health System, has earned recognition from UnitedHealthcare for its high quality of services and patient care.

This is the second year in a row Iredell Physician Network (IPN) met or exceeded goals in the Medicare Advantage Primary Care Physician Incentive Program (MA-PCPi). The program is designed to encourage care providers to take a more active role in the prevention and management of chronic illnesses.

IPN is comprised of 16 offices which provide a wide range of medical services, from family medicine to cardiovascular services.

“It is our goal to set the standard for excellence in preventive care,” said Carla Johnson, IPN Director of Operations during a plaque presentation from UnitedHealthcare representatives to recognize achievements from 2015. “This recognition is evidence that our hard work is paying off for our patients.”

Thanks to consistent work by IPN physicians, nurses and other staff, IPN met specific requirements of the MA-PCPi program related to patient care and monitoring. Those requirements include goals for cancer screenings, diabetes management, reducing fall risk, monitoring physical activity and monitoring prescription refills for various health conditions.

In certain instances, IPN outperformed the target goals of the program. While the MA-PCPi standards require providers to return 60 percent of Healthcare Quality Patient Assessment forms, IPN returned 85 percent of forms for all patients and 87 percent for patients in the diabetic population. Also, MA-PCPi requires adherence to six HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) measures. IPN met 14 of those measures.

“At every IPN office, our providers work to assess a patient’s health and identify ways to avoid serious health issues before they start,” said Johnson. “We are proud of the work done to make IPN a leader in providing comprehensive care.”

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