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Iredell Health System Radiology Director Retires After 41 Years

During his 41 year career with Iredell Health System, Tim Jones has helped
bring groundbreaking medical technology to the people of Iredell County, leading efforts
to invest in advanced, state-of-the-art equipment that has ultimately resulted in improved
treatments for patients.

At the end of June, Jones retired as Iredell’s Director of Radiology and Cardiovascular
Services, but not before taking time to reflect on how his field has evolved and the impact he has seen new technology have on the community.

How did you get your start at Iredell Memorial?
I first came to Iredell Memorial Hospital in 1976. I was in school for nuclear medicine
at Bowman Gray School of Medicine and the associate professor was the radiologist at the time at Iredell Memorial. They were starting the nuclear medicine program here and he asked
me to come and take it over.

How has radiology changed during your time at IMH?
Radiology has developed into an area that is totally immersed in the practice of
medicine. General X-ray had been an integral part of healthcare for many decades. We saw
Nuclear Medicine Ultrasound and CT scanning become part of the norm in the eighties.
We were involved with MRI coming to Iredell County. This equipment has allowed physicians to discover disease in earlier stages or pinpoint a particular problem. I have seen how
this technology is really improving the level of care we can offer the community and in
many cases it has saved lives.

What has been your most significant accomplishment?
The most significant accomplishment for the radiology department during my time here has
been our involvement in the Certificate of Need process to get PET CT scan here at Iredell
Memorial. That’s just not something you see in a community hospital. With the support of our CEO Ed Rush and many other people we were able to make that happen. Being involved in that process, that’s a huge accomplishment.

What will you miss about working here?
I’ll miss the people and patients and the day to day conversation. It was truly a privilege to
take care of the people I've taken care of and work with the people I've worked with over the
years. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities offered to me over the years at
Iredell Memorial and the staff and physicians I have had the pleasure of working with in my career.

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