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Iredell Health System Unveils New Mission, Vision, Values

During this National Hospital Week, Iredell Health System (IHS) is pleased to announce a new mission, vision and values for the organization. The new statements and values, which were created through the efforts of employees, members of the Board of Directors and individuals from the community, embody the heart of Iredell Health System and define how the company plans to elevate the health of Iredell and surrounding communities.

The new mission statement “Inspire Wellbeing – Together,” was selected because it goes beyond simply treating illness by offering education and encouragement; creating a healthy work environment; and providing excellent care, which in turn empowers others to live healthier, happier lives. The word 'together' represents the need for the collaborative efforts of healthcare providers, patients and caregivers to achieve wellbeing.

The vision statement, “Guide our Neighbors to Optimal Health,” represents where the organization is headed and what it plans to achieve in the future — an aim to help every person reach their best or most favorable outcome based on their circumstances. The new core values for the organization are compassion, respect, integrity and collaboration.

Iredell Health System revealed the mission, vision and values to the public during National Hospital Week, which recognizes the central role of hospitals in creating a healthy and optimistic community. Guests will see the new mission, vision and values displayed at facilities across the Health System, including on employee badge holders.

"Our mission and vision are a promise to ourselves and the community we serve to promote wellness, meet our patient and their families where they are on their health journey, and live our values in all we do," said CEO Ed Rush. "I am proud of all of our employees and their role in this process."

Iredell Health System is community-owned and operated and employs more than 1,600 people in Iredell County and surrounding areas.

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