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Understanding our Mission, Vision, and Values


Inspire Wellbeing – Together

As an organization, we are here to serve our patients and their families in every way possible. This includes helping them to stay healthy and caring for them when they are sick. We must also care for each other – the service of delivering healthcare is hard work. We must create an environment that supports all of us as we care for patients. It is important that our mission focuses on 4 key elements:

1. Enhancing patient experience
2. Improving population health
3. Providing cost effective care
4. Caring for the caregiver

The words “inspire” and “wellbeing” represent what Iredell Health System is all about. By definition, inspire is to “fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something.” Wellbeing is “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”

The literal meaning of those two words clearly describes what we strive to do each day – it defines why we each get out of bed in the morning and motivates us to keep going. We all strive to inspire our patients, their families and our coworkers to be their best. And at the heart of all we do is each person’s wellbeing, whether it’s a patient on the road to recovery, someone coping with the realization that they are facing life changes, encouraging preventative measures and sharing health education in the community, or making sure each employee feels valued and has the resources they need to succeed.

Every person in our organization is important and is needed to make our mission a reality. By adding the word “together” at the end of the new mission statement, it cements the idea that without each individual’s contributions, we cannot succeed. If we do things together, we will lead our consumers and each other to happy, healthier lives.

Guide our Neighbors to Optimal Health

We want to be the number one choice for healthcare in Iredell and surrounding counties. We understand that people experience life changes based on the progression of illnesses, and we aim to help them achieve optimal health in their circumstances. As we strive to implement our mission of inspiring wellbeing, we must
also look to the future and set our sights on where we want to go as an organization. Guiding isn’t just about being the best choice, though. It also means playing an integral role in making sure we meet patients and their families where they are on their journey.
As a community-owned health system, it is important that we remember our roots. We cannot lose sight of where we have come from, and we must honor the community, for that has been the backbone of our success. We are so much more than just a “community” health system, though. We live here, we raise our families here, and we care about what happens here. The people we treat, inspire, and lead are friends, coworkers, families – they are neighbors.
Our vision is to guide our neighbors to optimal health – to help them reach their best or most favorable outcome based on their circumstances. As we move forward together and inspire wellbeing in all we do, we will set ourselves on the path to achieve our vision of the future.

• Compassion
• Respect
• Collaboration
• Integrity

Our values must encompass all that we expect from our employees and what we expect of each other. Values represent who we are, what we believe in, and how we treat each other, our patients, and anyone who crosses our path.

To demonstrate these values we must be sympathetic, treat others with dignity and class, work together for the betterment of our patients and our organization as a whole, and be honest in all that we do. These values are instrumental in helping us to achieve our mission and vision and ensure our success as an organization.

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