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Volunteers Make a Difference at Iredell Health System

Volunteers are a part of the team at Iredell Health System, working to provide the best experience possible for patients and their families. They serve as guides, delivery persons and as a source of comfort for people at Iredell Memorial Hospital during what can be a stressful time. By becoming a volunteer, you can make a direct impact on the health of the community.

Brian Sutton is one of the many active volunteers. He works every week in the Radiation Therapy department at Iredell Memorial. One of his duties is to help new patients with their registration paperwork and to answer some of their questions. It’s a process he experienced firsthand before becoming a volunteer.

“I had been a patient at radiation therapy and had been very impressed not only with the care but the compassion of the staff,” said Sutton.

On his first visit to radiation therapy, Sutton said he encountered a friend who was finishing his treatments. Sutton said talking to that friend and learning what to expect during therapy made him feel at ease. That’s how he knew he had something special to offer to others as a volunteer.

“It’s a very rewarding experience, to chat with patients, to help them relax and answer their questions from a layperson’s perspective,” Sutton said. “You try to be as cheerful as you can without minimizing their circumstances. I’ve had several people come back to me to say how much that meant to them and put them at ease about the whole process.”

Iredell Health System has volunteers who cover many different areas of service. Along with assisting patients and guests, they deliver flowers and cards, comfort families in waiting rooms, and deliver mail and other items to staff.

In addition to knowing you are making an impact in the lives of others, volunteers receive several benefits: a free meal while on duty, service pins after each 1,000 hours of service, and an appreciation banquet in the spring. The hours are flexible. You can make a difference whether you volunteer multiple days a week or just a few hours a month.

Sutton said he has enjoyed the experience and he would encourage others to consider becoming a hospital volunteer.

“From the therapists, to the technicians to doctors, the staff has been very congenial and welcoming. I feel like an integral part of their team. There’s no way I can overstate how rewarding this experience is to me.”

For more information, call the Volunteer Office at 704-878-4522 or email Volunteer Coordinator Pam Wooten at

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