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Compliance plan

Iredell Memorial Hospital (the "Hospital") strives to maintain the highest quality of care for its patients, and, therefore, the Hospital's employees, independent contractors, medical staff and agents (collectively, the "Hospital Community") are expected to respect the rights and dignity of all patients, to adhere to high ethical standards, and to work in cooperation with all members of the Hospital's team to consistently evaluate the Hospital's performance and improve the Hospital's services when needed.

In order to advance the Hospital's commitment to quality care and to prevent fraud, waste and abuse, the Hospital has adopted a Compliance Plan, founded on the following core elements:

  • Designation of a Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee.
  • Compliance policies and procedures, including a Code of Conduct.
  • Open lines of communication.
  • Appropriate training and education.
  • Internal monitoring and auditing.
  • Appropriate responses to detected deficiencies.
  • Enforcement of disciplinary standards.

We invite you to read the entire Compliance Plan in PDF format.