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Patient & Family Advisory Council

The Iredell Health System Patient & Family Advisory Council (IPFAC) is committed to safe, compassionate, and supported healthcare experiences for patients and families. Our primary purpose is to share patient and family perspectives with the organization.

For us to fulfill this aim, we need to hear about your healthcare experience. We will pass along your 'shout outs/kudos' and/or make recommendations for improvement based on the feedback received.

Our members:

  • Brandy Collins
  • Kim Holland
  • Xochitl Koppelmeyer
  • Tip Nicholson
  • Clarence Poole
  • Bill Ratcliff
  • Dr. Bob Saltzman
  • Risë Sandrowitz
  • Joe Stephens
  • Brian Sutton
  • Pamela Williams
  • Dr. Rebecca Tart, Council Lead
  • Jed Pidcock, Advisor

We would love to hear from you! Contact the IPFAC via

Please note: IPFAC does not handle grievances. If you wish to file a grievance, please use our feedback form.