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Dads: Ask your doctor about these 4 cancer screenings

This Father's Day, share something vitally important with the men who matter to you: knowledge that could help them stay healthy. Encourage the dads in your life to take a peek at this cancer screening advice from the American Cancer Society.

4 cancer screenings men may need

Men: Discuss these tests and checkups with your doctor.


1. Colorectal screening
Various tests check for cancer or precancerous growths.
Start time: Age 45; earlier if at high risk due to family or personal health history.

2. Lung cancer screening
A low-dose CT scanner checks the lungs.
Start time: Ages 55 to 74 for former or current smokers.

3. Skin checks
Men and their doctors look for suspicious moles, spots or other changes.
Start time: Now (for monthly DIY checks). Report any changes to your doctor right away.

4. Prostate screening
Looks for elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in blood.
Start time: Men in their 50s (and high-risk men in their 40s) should learn about the test's pros and cons.

Source: American Cancer Society

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Reviewed 7/9/2020

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