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Director of Dialysis Steve Kivett to Retire After 37 Years

Hospital news | Thursday, November 8, 2018

Contact: Media

Steve Kivett, the director of the dialysis department at Iredell Memorial Hospital, will retire next week on Friday, Nov. 16.

Kivett founded the Dialysis Department at Iredell Memorial in 1987 and has been working as the department’s director ever since. When he retires next Friday he will have worked for the Health System for 37 years total.

“Steve has been a tireless leader for our hospital,” said John Green, chief operating officer of Iredell Health System. “His patient-first direction of the Dialysis Department has been evident in how he has worked and led.”

“As, nurses we are all patient advocates,” said Becky Quate, vice president of nursing and patient care services for Iredell. “However, Steve goes the extra mile to always advocate for patients and to ensure that they receive the care that is needed, identifying the need early enough to get to a resolution quickly.”

Kivett recollected his work experience serving patients with Iredell Health System: “Teddy Roosevelt said, ‘Far and away the best prize life offers is to work hard at work worth doing.’ I received that prize during my 38 years at Iredell.”

Photo caption: Steve Kivett, right, stands with Carol Zachary, RN, in the Dialysis Department in 1992. The two employees still work together in the Dialysis Department today.