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Family Care Center of Mocksville Receives Davie Community Foundation Grant to Support Hypertension & Weight Management Program

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Iredell Health Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Iredell Health System, recently received a $3,104 grant from the Davie Community Foundation to provide necessary funding for Family Care Center of Mocksville’s new Hypertension & Weight Management Program.

Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Davie County, and the leading cause of death for those 85 years and older. Heart disease and many other chronic diseases are driven by risk factors such as weight, diet, and blood pressure. Fortunately, these risk factors are controllable, especially with the help of a trusted provider and structured program.

In furtherance of its mission to increase the health and wellbeing of the Davie community, Iredell Health System and Family Care Center of Mocksville launched the Hypertension & Weight Management program. The overall goal of the program is to lower blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) for participating patients in a sustainable and healthy way.

The self-monitored program consists of patients journaling their daily blood pressure, exercise, and food intake; free monthly weight-management counseling sessions; and check-in appointments with their provider every three months to review their progress and address any concerns.

The Davie Community Foundation grant was used for initial expenses, materials, and equipment necessary to support the program, including digital blood pressure monitors, pedometers, digital weight scales, and wellness journals.

“Grants from the Davie County Hospital Foundation Fund are made once a year for projects that improve healthcare in Davie County. The Davie Community Foundation is excited to support the Family Care Center of Mocksville’s Hypertension & Weight Management Program. Providing patients with a risk of heart disease the tools needed to lower their blood pressure and BMI align with the Wellness and Prevention focus of the healthcare grant, and we look forward to hearing positive results,” said Melissa O’Conner, Senior Program Officer for the Davie Community Foundation.

The Hypertension & Weight Management program already has several patients enrolled, but Family Care Center of Mocksville anticipates the program will serve approximately 100 patients per year. This grant helped Family Care Center get the program started and will supply participants with equipment needed to aid them on their wellness journey without placing a financial burden on the patient.

“We are honored to collaborate with the Davie Community Foundation to promote health and wellness to the citizens of Davie County. We strive to provide resources and education to our patients in order to help them achieve their health care goals,” said Kaleah Hendren, nurse practitioner at Family Care Center at Mooresville, who oversees the program.

To learn more about the Hypertension & Weight Management program or Family Care Center of Mocksville, please call the office at 336-753-0800.

If you would like to learn more about Iredell Health Foundation, visit or call 704-878-4547.

Pictured, from left to right: Carla Johnson, Director of Operations for Iredell Physician Network; Jenny Turrentine, Practice Manager; Kaleah Hendren, FNP-C; Dorothy Parker, Medical Office Assistant; Kathy Sparks, Medical Office Assistant; and Jen Balog, Executive Director of the Iredell Health Foundation.