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Iredell Health System Celebrates Occupational Therapy Month

Monday, April 13, 2020

Iredell Health System is recognizing its occupational therapists and the work they do for patients by celebrating Occupational Therapy (OT) Month this April.

By providing occupational therapy services through Iredell Memorial Hospital, Iredell Skilled Nursing, Iredell Home Health, and Iredell Same Day Surgery, the Health System’s Occupational Therapy staff make valuable contributions to help people live life to its fullest after an illness or injury.

“I didn't find OT; OT found me,” said Dawn Dale, an occupational therapist with Iredell. “I will have served 34 years as a therapist, and 20 of those completed here at IMH, at the end of this month. I enjoy seeing our acute clients go back home or to short-term rehab and equally enjoy watching them be able to return home with some level of independence at the end of the ride from the Emergency Department to the community. Occupational Therapy has provided the opportunity to tune-up folks for return into the community as a functioning part of their normal, and for each of us that is a unique and different place. The best part is getting there as each path is individual and each normal is client-specific.”

Iredell Occupational Therapy practitioners take a holistic perspective focusing on adapting the environment or task to fit the person, an integral part of the therapy team. It is an evidence-based practice deeply rooted in science which helps people of all ages and with various needs.

“I have the rewarding job of helping people regain their independence with activities of daily living after an illness, disease, disability or injury,” said Iredell occupational therapist Andrea Prall. “OTs have a unique opportunity to listen and learn about his or her patient and collaborate together. This could be anything from replacing a transmission in a car to bathing or dressing, making a meal or crocheting a quilt. I love being an OT and playing a vital role in a patient’s journey toward improving his or her quality of life!”

Photo credit: American Occupational Therapy Association