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Iredell Health System Honors Top Nurses

Hospital news | Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Nursing award winners 2

Iredell Health System is proud to announce the recipients of its Nursing Excellence Award for 2018. Mary Nance and Lisa Warren were honored at the Iredell Health System nursing awards banquet on May 7. Each year, Iredell Health System recognizes nurses who inspire others through compassion, collaboration, leadership and innovation. In their own words, this year's honorees shared what has inspired them during their nursing careers.

Lisa Warren, MSN, MHA, RN

Lisa Warren has been a nurse with Iredell Health System for nearly 36 years, but when she was young, she wanted to be an attorney. A personal loss at the age of 17 put her on a different path.

"My daddy died at home and I felt so helpless," said Warren. "He had always wanted me to be a nurse, but I had other ideas. When I didn't know what to do to help him, I decided I never wanted to be in that situation again."

Warren attended Davis Hospital School of Nursing and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She earned her Masters in Health Administration and her Masters in Nursing from the University of Phoenix. She is currently the manager of the cardiopulmonary rehab department and helps to coordinate many of the community outreach efforts for the Health System.

One colleague wrote, "Lisa is always smiling and strives to create a happy environment for both her patients and her staff. She is a great listener, an advocate for her patients and staff, a wonderful educator, and a true professional."

"My favorite thing about my job is the joy I see on folk's faces when they see they can do something they had thought they could never do again," said Warren. "Their fear goes away and you can see the confidence on their faces and I hope I may have played a small part in their recovery."

Mary Nance, RN-BC

As a young child, Mary Nance was a natural caregiver.

"I remember getting out the dressing materials and bandaging up the cuts and scrapes of family members," said Nance. "My mother, who was such a caring and compassionate person, encouraged me to pursue nursing."

Nance had found her calling. She graduated from the Cabarrus Hospital of Nursing and became a pediatric nurse. After several years she passed the pediatric certification exam through the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Little did she know, Nance says, that God put her in pediatrics for a reason.

After a serious complication during childbirth, Nance's first son developed a severe form of cerebral palsy. She says taking care of her son was the most important nursing job she ever had.

"It was no mistake that I was a pediatric nurse, since he was non-verbal, non-ambulatory and suffered with daily seizures," said Nance. "Not only was I his mother, but I was his critical care nurse."

Her son lost his brave fight when he was almost 15. To cope with his death, Nance and her daughters started to volunteer with other special needs and sick children. Now 33 years into her career, Nance works in the wellness and cardiopulmonary rehab departments at Iredell Health System. Her colleagues say they are inspired by her professionalism and her passion.

"Mary Nance serves her patients and our community with a heart filled with compassion and motivation to make a difference in each life she touches," said Misty Kerr, manager of corporate wellness at Iredell Health System. "She is willing to serve in a variety of roles and environments and consistently reflects integrity, respect and compassion for our Health System and the profession of nursing."

"I sometimes wonder how I could have been so blessed to be in a profession where I look forward to going to work at every opportunity," said Nance. "The old saying is really true: 'Choose a job that you love and you'll never work a day in your life.'"

Iredell Health System is committed to taking care of the community, and that includes supporting the professional development of nurses through the Iredell Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation. A donation to the Institute is one way to thank a nurse(s) who had a positive impact on a patient or family. If you would like to support the Nursing Institute, call 704-878-4520.