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Iredell Health System Lifts Flu Restrictions

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Iredell Health System has lifted its flu restrictions effective Thursday, March 28.

The Health System implemented the restrictions on Feb. 8, asking guests not to bring children ages 17 and under to visit patients in the hospital.

“Restrictions like this are necessary to help protect our patients as well as our staff and visitors,” said Pam Gill, Director of Infection Prevention for Iredell Health System.

Hospital staff followed the state’s flu tracking for 2019 as well as trends they saw in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 flu seasons. Similar to the last few years, February was the flu’s most active month, followed by a sharp decline in the number of cases.

Despite the lift on restrictions, the Health System continues to encourage guests who are ill to refrain from visiting unless they are seeking treatment.

Gill emphasized the Health System’s overarching view on health and wellness.

“Staying in good health helps you fight anything,” she said. “We promote wellness, both for our patients and our staff. Any time you can stay healthy, exercise, and eat right, you’re less likely to get a disease. And if you do get something, the duration is shorter, the symptoms are less severe, and your body is able to fight it off better.”