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Iredell Health System Names Two New Members of its Board of Directors, Continues its Local Legacy

Monday, February 10, 2020

At its annual meeting, Iredell Health System’s Board of Trustees voted for and named two new members of the Health System’s Board of Directors: Jan Comer, the VP of human resources for Engineered Sintered Components in Troutman, and Kevin Donaldson, an attorney in Mooresville.

Iredell Health System is led by a Board of Directors elected by a Board of Trustees during its annual January meeting. The Board of Trustees consists of more than 140 Iredell County residents representing various townships within the county. Committed to providing quality healthcare, the trustees fill openings on the Board of Directors and hear committee and system reports.

“We are very grateful for the commitment of our Board of Directors and Board of Trustees,” said David Green, the Iredell Health System board chair. “These individuals volunteer their time to help Iredell Health System, and we are indebted to them for their service.”

Iredell Memorial has been a nonprofit since its inception more than 65 years ago. Learning from the experiences of a previous Statesville hospital, Iredell Memorial began day one as a non-profit, non-stock, open-staff institution placing responsibility under a board of trustees.

“Our local design and control is one of the key components of how we came to be as an organization in 1952, and in how we continue to function as a strong organization almost 70 years later,” said John Green, Iredell Health System president and CEO. “Our ongoing focus is to keep our community in the center of all that we do.”

After local Statesville voters made the difference in winning a 1952 special election to build the hospital, its first board of trustees selected the name Iredell Memorial Hospital, Inc. as a memorial to all members of armed forces from Iredell County who gave their lives in defense of the United States.

At this year’s meeting, the Health System thanked departing board members Louis Gordon and Reginald Keitt for helping direct the locally owned and operated organization.

The Board of Trustees selected additional trustees, including David Addison, Darren Campbell, Zach Gordon, Will Long, Lindsay Montgomery, Sabrina Niggel, Bryant O’Tuel, Mark Taylor, Alan Wilberding, and Tony Williams.

“We are always grateful for these individuals who help us to maintain focus and effort,” Green said.