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Iredell Health System Pharmacy Celebrates National Pharmacy Week

Monday, October 19, 2020

Iredell Health System’s Pharmacy will celebrate National Pharmacy Week this week, an annual observance acknowledging the invaluable contributions that pharmacy professionals make to patient care in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Comprised of a group of 41 individuals, the Iredell Pharmacy team dispenses medications as prescribed by the patient's doctor and provide a variety of other pharmacy services to patients. The pharmacy is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is comprised of clinical pharmacists, certified pharmacy technicians, and medication reconciliation technicians.

“I have a wonderful team that is dedicated to the wellbeing of our patients and community, and I am grateful for the team that we are and the service that we provide,” said Iredell Pharmacy Director Randi Raynor.

This week, Iredell Pharmacy staff will take the time to reflect on the year and come together as a team to celebrate pharmacy services and the teamwork they have that helps them take care of patients.

Tuesday, October 20, is Pharmacy Technician Day.

“A pharmacy department cannot run without the great efforts made by pharmacy technicians,” Raynor said.

Iredell Pharmacy’s top priority is to deliver excellent patient care by providing quality services that address patient needs while exceeding expectations.