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Iredell Health System to Hold Virtual Healthy Heart Presentations

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

During National Heart Month this February, Iredell Health System’s Heart and Vascular Center will hold Healthy Hearts, a series of virtual presentations held via Zoom every Thursday in February at 6pm. Open to the community, each 15-20-minute presentation will feature a medical professional explaining a new topic, followed by a Q&A.

Bradley Martin: When Do I know something is Wrong?
Cardiologist Bradley Martin will start the virtual series with the first presentation discussing how to recognize symptoms of heart disease.

Heart attacks can be intense and come on suddenly. However, they can also start out as mild pain or discomfort and develop. Not everyone has typical heart attack symptoms. So, it’s important to learn all the ways a heart attack might make you feel.

In many cases over the past year, individuals with heart attack symptoms have avoided seeking emergency care due to concerns of contracting COVID-19. But Iredell Memorial Hospital follows strict safety precautions and is fully prepared to provide treatment and care for emergencies while protecting anyone from the virus.

Those in an emergency should not hesitate to call 911.

Tori Hudgins: Women and Heart Disease
Physician Assistant Tori Hudgins will focus her presentation on nuances of how heart disease symptoms can differ for women.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. Fortunately, there are many ways women can protect themselves—such as learning their risk factors and taking steps to control them.

Mandy Brawley: It’s not Just about Your Heart
Diabetes educator Mandy Brawley will discuss the relationship between heart disease and diabetes, as well as diabetes management methods.

For people who are insulin-resistant and at risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, Brawley will show the link between diabetes and heart disease and discuss what individuals can do to prevent diabetes from leading to heart disease as a long-term implication. She will also discuss ways to detect pre-diabetes early and how to prevent it from developing into diabetes.

Ray Georgeson: Stress and Your Heart – Why it Matters
Cardiologist Ray Georgeson will conclude the virtual series outlining the impact stress has on heart health and the importance of managing stress. Stress can alter blood pressure and heart rate, negatively impacting the heart.

When discussing the effects of stress on the cardiovascular system, Georgeson will mention ways individuals can better manage stress, especially at a time when overall stress levels are heightened.

How to Attend
Those looking to attend a Healthy Heart presentation can register online at, under the classes/events tab. Each presentation begins at 6pm, is free to attend and is open to anyone interested. For more information or for questions, please call 704-878-7447.