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Iredell Memorial Hospital Dialysis Unit Receives New Name

Friday, April 28, 2023

The Iredell Memorial Hospital dialysis unit has recently received a new name to honor the life and legacy of former department director, Steve Kivett. Dedicated in his memory, the unit will, for now on, be known as the “Steve Kivett Dialysis Unit.”

Kivett founded the Dialysis Department at Iredell Memorial in 1987 and worked as the department’s director until his retirement in 2018. Kivett was an instrumental and beloved part of Iredell Memorial Hospital’s team for 37 years. Through this naming, he will always be remembered.

Yesterday, the Iredell Health Foundation held a formal dedication ceremony, unveiling new signage reading, “Iredell Memorial Hospital Steve Kivett Dialysis Unit,” along with a photo and plaque honoring Kivett.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Iredell Health Foundation was able to fund the new signage.

“As dear friends of Steve Kivett, we were devastated by his early unexpected death at 67 years old. Steve was an extremely passionate friend. As a great nurse, he formed special relationships with patients and hospital staff. To express our love for Steve and the entire Kivett family, we deeply felt his 37 years of faithful service as Director of the Dialysis Department needed to be recognized and honored,” said the anonymous donor. “When people see the dialysis unit’s new name, we know staff and patients will remember Steve with the respect and gratitude he rightly deserves. We wish to thank John Green, Iredell CEO, and Jennifer Balog, Iredell Foundation Director, for helping to create this great tribute.”

Kivett’s family hopes this new name serves as a testament to Kivett’s many years of passionate nursing and service to dialysis patients and families.

“My family and I are so grateful and honored to have this department bear my dad’s name and wonderful legacy. It wasn’t his passion to the field that made my dad a wonderful nurse — it was his heart for the people around him that truly set him apart. Dad’s love for others was shown powerfully and daily through his advocacies for patients and colleagues alike. His decades of working as a dialysis nurse shows that everyone, no matter their circumstances or struggles, was deserving of the best care,” said Steve Kivett’s son, Sam Kivett, speaking on behalf of his family at Thursday’s ceremony.

“Steve was truly the origin, backbone, and vision to dialysis being performed at Iredell Memorial. It is great to have Steve’s name on the wall for all to see. He certainly will be remembered as a caring, selfless professional who was always there to help our patients,” said John Green, President and CEO of Iredell Health System.

Pictured: The Kivett family gathers around the newly unveiled signage in memory of Steve Kivett. From left to right: Wesley Kivett (son), Julie Daniel (Daughter) with baby Lennox Daniel (grandson), Indie Kivett (granddaughter), Sam Kivett (son), Sarah Kivett (wife), Cohen Casey (grandson), and Caedon Casey (grandson).