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Iredell Mooresville: Officially Open for Patients

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

As of June 2, Iredell Health System has officially opened the doors to its new facility, Iredell Mooresville.

Located at 653 Bluefield Road, Iredell Mooresville is the first building of Iredell Health System’s 17.2-acre campus.

Committed to providing convenient and affordable medical care, the new facility includes Iredell Urgent Care, the area’s only 24-hour urgent care facility outside of a hospital emergency room.

In addition, Iredell Mooresville features an ambulatory surgery center, Iredell Surgery at Mooresville, and state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center, Iredell Imaging at Mooresville.

The new building is also home to Iredell Occupational Medicine, Iredell Rehab at Mooresville, and Family Care Center of Mooresville.

The campus is a result of the nonprofit health system’s desire to build its healthcare services around the needs of the community it serves. In 1954, Iredell Memorial Hospital received its charter with the commitment to care for all citizens of Iredell County.

“At that time, 30 percent of the population of Iredell County lived in Statesville. Fast forward to 2020, 50 percent of the population lives in Mooresville. If we’re going to follow our charter and what our organization was built for, we needed to have an appropriate presence where the population of Iredell County is,” said President & CEO of Iredell Health System, John Green.

After 67 years, Iredell Health System is still upholding its responsibility to the wellbeing of the community with the opening of its $39.4 million facility, Iredell Mooresville.

“We do not really see this as coming to south Iredell, but see this as coming home,” said Green.

“Iredell Health recognized the need in our community for more healthcare options and greater access to care. The residents of Mooresville and South Iredell will benefit greatly by receiving exceptional healthcare at this new facility. Iredell Health System’s investment in our community is greatly appreciated, and we are very fortunate to have them here to serve our community,” said Mooresville Mayor, Miles Atkins.

Want to learn more? Visit The public is also invited to complete the online form to request a tour of the new facility.