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The next best thing to home

When you first arrive at The Birth Place, we think you'll be delighted by the size and homelike atmosphere of your room. And our nurses will do everything possible to make you feel as though you are at home. However, when it's time for your baby to be born, rest assured that we have all of the equipment of a modern delivery room at hand.

We offer a homelike atmosphere:

  • Home decor.
  • Comfortable furniture for visitors.
  • Large, private bath.

Mother-baby nursing

The nursing staff at The Birth Place supports the mother-baby nursing concept because we believe it best serves the family. Mother-baby nursing means that one nurse will be taking care of you and your baby together. Therefore, when your baby is in your room you have the reassurance that someone will always be available to assist you in caring for the infant. Although we still have nurses who are "specialists" in labor and in the special care nursery, all of our nurses have been specially trained to care for mother and baby throughout their stay.

Having your baby at The Birth Place

In The Birth Place, we bring the staff and equipment to you. It's called the single room concept (LDRP), which means our nine maternity rooms are designed and equipped for the mother to remain in the same room throughout her stay (hence the term LDRP: labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum).

If you think the rooms look too beautiful to function as birthing rooms, we're flattered. But we also want you to feel confident that the decor was not selected at the expense of safety. Hidden away behind the attractive cabinet work in your room are lights and other equipment your physician may need during your baby's birth. The latest technology, including the use of epidural anesthesia, is available to enhance your labor and birth experience in the LDRP room.

COVID-19 Visitation Restrictions

  • 2 visitors at a time, in addition to 1 support person (the support person does not count as a visitor).
  • Additional visitors are permitted if they are the siblings of the infant.

Our goal is for you to remain in the same room throughout your hospital stay. However, if our census exceeds our LDRP room availability, at some point after your baby's birth we may ask you to move to The Birth Place Continued, a wing of comfortable rooms adjacent to The Birth Place. These are slightly smaller rooms that feature the same decor, but are not equipped for labor and birth. You will keep the same nurse.

To learn more about The Birth Place, as well as our services before, during and after your stay at Iredell Memorial, visit Iredell Memorial's Your Pampered Pregnancy on Facebook.

We offer a variety of classes for expectant mothers and new moms, such as childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, newborn care and infant CPR/safety. Our childbirth preparation classes are set up according to your due date and are not listed online, Please call our program office at 704.878.4555 for your class dates and to register.

Check our Calendar of Events page for dates and times of other classes. You can register for those online or call us. CLASSES HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19. ZOOM classes may be available instead. Call 704.878.4555.

Don't forget to visit Your Pampered Pregnancy on Facebook.

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